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    18.Dr. Shane Donohue【10.12】Assessing the condition of critical geotechnical infrastructure using geophysics


    告知名称:Assessing the condition of critical geotechnical infrastructure using geophysics

    主讲人:Dr. Shane Donohue, Associate Professor, School of Civil Engineering, University College Dublin

    时光:2019年10月12日 10:00-11:00


    ·The causes of slope failures in the UK and Ireland

    ·Recent advances in geophysical technologies for assessing the condition of earthwork slopes

    ·Geophysical monitoring of active landslides


    Dr. Donohue graduated from University College Dublin (UCD) with a PhD in Geotechnical Engineering (2006). Following this, he worked for a number of years as a research fellow in UCD and was awarded the Pierse Newman Scholarship for Civil Engineering and an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Ireland) STRIVE research fellowship to support his research. During this time he was also appointed President of the Geophysical Association of Ireland (GAI). He has held academic positions in the University of Bath (Lecturer 2011-2012) and Queen’s University Belfast (Lecturer & Senior Lecturer 2012-2018). He was appointed to the position of Associate Professor in University College Dublin in January 2018.

    Dr. Donohue research focuses on geotechnical and environmental applications of advanced geophysical tools and on the development of high resolution near surface geophysical technologies. He leads an Engineering and Environmental Geophysical Research Group that is carrying out interdisciplinary projects in the areas of infrastructure resilience, foundations for marine renewable energy and environmental sustainability. He is the author of over 90 peer reviewed papers and has acted as PI on several significant multi-partner grants.


    Dr. Shane Donohue

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